Issam Bayan has more than 1.5 Million fans on Facebook. About 200.000 of them come from Malaysia, followed by other countries among them Philippines, Egypt or the United States. He regularly reaches with his social media posts over 1 Million people, up to 5 Million per day. Issam is among the “Top 100 German Facebook Celebrities”. He performed already worldwide, also on radio and TV; amongst others in Malaysia, UK (Birmingham, Manchester, London), Swiss, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Since 2005 Issam is on stage. Although he was not a professional singer until recently, he did more than 500 live performances, alone over 100 in last years. Issam Bayan is a German singer of Palestinian origin. He is famous for his Arabic songs, as well as classical nasheed and motivational speeches. Issam is currently recording a number of singles which will be released soon. He appeared and performed on various Malaysian TV and radio stations.
Some Facts
Personal Life
Born and raised in the former working city of Bochum, a kind place in the west of Germany; Issam grew up in his family with seven siblings. While enjoying much time with his family and friends, Issam loves doing sports like playing soccer. He is a fan of Borussia Dortmund and AC Milano. He enjoys digging into the diverse variety of music genres. Since his childhood Issam was into Islamic music (nasheed) and started in his youth with singing on stage. Issam attended German school and later the University of Bochum. Now he is fully committed on his art and performances. Besides German, Issam speaks English and Arabic fluently.
Issam unites people from all over the world and also he himself unites a variety of cultures. Through his Palestinian parents he learned the Arabic language while growing up in a German society. Apparently the religion of Islam inspired him doing wonderful adhan and quranic recitations. Future songs in English, German and other languages are planned. “My motivation is to make people smile and laugh. As an artist I also like to develop a new style in Islamic music and herewith positively entertain people. In the end, my religion inspires me to motivate people, to never give up. In fact, I use myself as an example, despite my hearing impairment, I am a singer. I like to show you can reach so much, even if you think it is impossible. And be always thankful, whatever happens.” Issam has his artistic roots in Arabic nasheed, however for his upcoming album he created a mix of classical nasheed with modern music and elements of Pop and more. His lyrics deal with motivation and hope for people, but are also about Ramadan, the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or issues about Palestine. Issam is exited to show his new album to the world and to go on tour with it very soon.
Issam's art
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